Managed Service SDN

Fully managed SDN services that based on Nokia Nuage technology. This is a cost-effective solution to provide global connectivity across the enterprise.

Traditional WAN Solutions SDN Cloud VPN
On-site Provisioning Central Provisioning
Long lead time required Deployment within days
Changes are expensive, time-consuming Changes are instantaneous and effortless
Complex, IT-intensive management Simplified policy-driven management
Proprietary hardware-based, vertically integrated Software-driven, open and flexible
Limited access coverage Internet connection


Either traditional network equipment for those who wish to manage their own network or SDN infrastructure allowing you to manage your own SDN


Perimeter network security solutions to prevent unauthorized access to core network elements.

System Activity Monitoring Tools

Creation of activity logs mainly aimed at sessions from IT staff or those with access to sensitive data.  This allows the IT Management to know what changes/updates were made and when.  This provides the ability to perform proactive analysis of changes as well as a solid forensic history

Behaviour Analysis

Most data breaches and attacks are instigated from within the network. The latest monitoring tools can flag high risk activities (such as trying to logon with incorrect ID, running unknown programs, copying data) allowing IT departments to act before it’s too late.

IDS/IPS Systems

Assistance preventing or detecting unauthorized or unwanted activity on your network


Physical Hosts

For the instances when you still need physical computation, we offer x86 servers along with options for storage

Private and Public Cloud

We host cloud sessions or provide the capability for you to host your own